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that protesters have been harassing anyone going into the clinic. the group doesn't believe it's breaking any laws by setting up just outside of the clinic's entrance. there's already a law that requires protesters to stay at least eight feet away from anyone's clients or workers entering a clinic. the group called 40 days for life is a nationwide anti-abortion group but san francisco supervisor david campos says that law, the current law, is not being enforced. >> the effort here is to really strike the right balance between the rights that people have to express themselves and the right balance of people, the right they have to access health care including reproductive health. >> we're not going away. anything that saves lives, saves babies is obviously bad for business because planned parenthood is the big baby killing business so we're here to save lives. >> so instead of current eight-foot rule, campos will introduce legislation to create a 25-foot buffer zone around the planned parenthood facility. >>> the oakland police department is rolling out a new way to fight crime. the department's ch
of the church, really. 60% of mass goers are women. >> fox reveers the law of god, it's the law of man she has trouble with. >> cannon 1024 is the cannon that doesn't allow women to be ordained. and it's a man-made law. you have to remember that, it's not god given. >> reporter: paul is co chair of dignity san francisco. calls for all lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgendered catholics, their families and friends to be able to participate in all aspects of church life. it's a message the church has been advocating for many years. >> our love and sexuality are gifts from god. god blesses our relationships, inherently. i'm not talking about a ritual, i'm talking about god loves us unconditionally and he created us as we are. >> they may not see a track record in the new pope. >> the holy spirit has done it before with john xxiii and she could do it again. >> there was a pope who came t the vatican. most thought he would be a caretaker pope, he really shook things up. they're hoping pope francis follows in his footsteps. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> not just in rome, but in the streets
dropped all charges despite the judge's conviction. it's legal under military law, but legislation is now in the works that would change that. pentagon officials admit a review of military law is needed. >> there is something that seems odd about the power to reject findings that came out of a jury. >> congresswoman jackie spear is praise thing new legislation. she's been a big critic of the military's handling of sex assault cases. the killer was accused of rape twice in the military, but he was discharged from the military instead of prison. if military law had been different, the shooter might still have been in prison. >>> today, the dow closed in positive territory, marking the longest winning streak in 16 years. the dow finished up for the ninth straight day. take a look at the numbers. the dow up just five points but enough to set a record. the nasdaq and s&p also lineup. retail stocks jumped on a report of increase in consumer spending. >>> police are looking for two people accused of beating a woman and stealing her purse. these are pictures of the two suspects. they got off at t
and as a matter of policy and law. >> reporter: it is a view that has evolved. here's her answer to a question from tim russer in 2004. >> i do not support gay marriage but i support civil unions. >> reporter: a stance she maintained during her 2008 presidential campaign. but while taking political stands on domestic issues, she made favorable attention from gay rights groups by expanding benefits for state workers working at the state department. and today asserted -- >> gay rights are human rights. a few years ago, bill and i celebrated as our own daughter married the love of her life, and i wish every parent that same joy. >> reporter: mrs. clinton's announcement comes a week before the supreme court is set to consider a challenge to the defense of marriage act, the federal law that defines marriage between a woman and a man. and it comes ten days after her husband urged the court to overturn the law, which he signed in 1996. the arc of mrs. clinton's changed opinion reflects a turnaround of public sentiment. in 2004, only 30% of americans supported same-sex marriage. by december of last ye
. she says the decision was based quote personally and as a matter of policy and law. the move is creating implications for a presidential 2016 run, a contrast from her 2008 campaign when she opposed marriage equality and supported civil unions. >>> lawmakers in north dakota have passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the u.s. and are considering outlawing all abortions. the state legislature pass ad bill to ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. there's also a proposal to ban all abortion by defining human life as beginning with conception. that's drawn opposition from some doctors. >>> and now for a look at the weather. ho hopefully sunshine and not rain. >> yeah, the west is not quite as bad. in the northern plains, you're dealing with the cold, and in the west, it's a dry morning cute for just about everyone. more clouds in the last couple days. we're watching rain move in eventually. more or less rain tonight for areas like san francisco, los angeles at 54 this morning. we're cold there. intermountain west and seattle area, you still need winter c
to north charleston ten years ago, charity seized the chance to pursue her dream to be in law enforcement. >> here is really important, it's important to me. her career almost defined her. i liked that about her. >> charity made todd promise this move was their last. >> i love north charleston. i love the department i work for. i love the area and this is home. >> where is he at? >> on the corner. >> jamel is charity's partner and just as driven to catch criminals. you're an aggressive cop. >> i'm an aggressive narcotics detective and my passion, i chase drug dealers. >> but jamel, a navy veteran, is also a father of four. he is raising 14-year-old jamarney, who lives with him. >> she gets up in the middle of the night and she sees me not in my room and she'll pick up the phone and call me. hey, daddy, where are you at? i'm in my office. >> for both, family often takes a backseat in their relentless pursuit of drug dealers. the epicenter of the drug trade is this nondescript intersection simply known as the four-way in a neighborhood called charleston farms. ♪ so feign imus, local rappe
. >>> save the mobile home park. it's not a slogan you usually hear in palo alto. but that's what two law firms are asking city leaders to do. we're live in palo alto with the reason why 400 people could be evicted. >> reporter: the reason is simple. this mobile home park may be for sale soon. it's located just off of el camino real and surrounded by an upscale neighborhood. but for some of the people living here, it's the only place they know. >> when i first came i was gainfully employed. >> reporter: that was eight years ago. now mahher job says it requiresr to be on job. and this is only adding to her stress level. >> if i'm out of here, i won't be able to retire. >> reporter: she is one of 400 low income and disabled residents who could soon be evicted from the only mobile home park in palo alto. the property's owner filed paperwork with the city which says he plans to sell the park to a land developer. that developer wants to put an upscale apartment complex on the property. that would put some residents with nowhere to go. >> i usually get like $900 a month and the rent is $1,000.
gun laws. he claimed to know where ye was, and found bomb-making materials in his home. >>> no joke, an accountant in san leandro realized he was on oakland's most wanted list. it was a mistake, but he had to pay the price. what happened next sent the accountant into hiding. >> suddenly i was put all over the tv, the internet, and i was scared and nervous for my life. >> oakland police mistakenly connected him to a gang shooting. van eventually came forward but spent three days in jail before being released with an apology. his photo and name, however, remained on the most wanted list for six months. today he filed a lawsuit and asked the department to work aggressively to clear his name. the oakland city attorney had no comment pending an investigation. >>> and big changes, a demand for more transparency at the silicon valley restaurants, major flaws have been exposed. >> reporter: right now, silicon valley restaurants are not graded or scored and they don't have to publicly post their inspection reports. last month, we uncovered how the system and restaurants are failing to provid
. guitars will not be sublt to the city's live music zoning laws. the store was forced to cancel a number of performances and group lessons all because of a zoning conflict. but they got the green light. all scheduled shows and classes will go on including a concert benefits st. jude's children's research hot. no alcohol, 80 people per show and no more than six concerts a month. >> protecting planned parenthood. a supervisor wants a 25 foot bumper zone set up to shield women from anti-abortion protesters. there's already a law that requires protesters to stay 80 feet away from the clinic. >> the effort here is to really strike the right balance between the right people have to express themselves and the right balance of the people, the right that they have to access health care, including reprublgtive health. >> planned parent hood is the big baby killing business. so we're here to save lives. >> he says he'll introduce his legislation tomorrow night. >> only on nbc, a 7-year-old girl is getting some serious praise from north bay firefighters tonight. her swift action helped prevent a big
did the same on the president's health care law. and the bush v. gore case in 2000. >>> t.j. lane who fatally had shot three students at an ohio high school last year was sentenced to three life terms tuesday. the unrepentant 18-year-old wore a t-shirt with the word "killer" written on it at the hearing. >>> passengers on a diverted flight from boston to atlanta got a special delivery last night. 30 pizzas were delivered to the hungry passengers. as they sat on the tarmac in knoxville, tennessee. no word on who ordered the pies, but some passengers think it was a pilot. good stuff there. >>> now to health news. looks like michael bloomberg may be on to something when it comes to the debate on sugary drinks. worldwide about 180,000 obesity-related deaths each year are linked to sugar-sweetened calorie-packed beverages with 25,000 in the u.s. alone. an overwhelming amount of deaths were caused by diabetes then cardiovascular disease and cancer. >> announcer: "early today" health is brought to you by vagisil. bring yourself back. >>> with a new wave of worry from cyprus, investors are lo
. >> that was kris sanchez reporting. >>> he once wrote laws and policies for santa clara county. today the former president of the board of supervisors is on the wrong side of the law. george shirakawa pled guilty to 12 charges including felony regarding public money he reportedly used to feed a gambling addiction. what was his reaction today? >> reporter: given the d.a. said there was a dark cloud over santa clara county shirakawa didn't speak. fierce fighter for the poor and under privileged told the judge he broke the law. 12 times the judge asked former supervisor george shirakawa how he pled and 12 times shirakawa responded guilty. >> it's a very sad day when a supervisor comes in and pleads guilty 12 times. >> reporter: shirakawa blames a gambling addiction and depression for misusing public funds and for lying on campaign documents under penalty of perjury. in exchange the d.a. agreed not to push for the maximum, eight years in state prison. >> we were aware of his addiction and some of his public service and how the community was wronged. we knew he was going to step down right away and w
ignoring a state law that requires restaurants show you their inspection report if you ask to see it. nine of the ten restaurants we visited with hidden cameras didn't show us the report. >> anyone asked is supposed to provide their inspection. >> reporter: the department will look into possible penalties for those who don't comply. >> we are trying to make it as easy as possible for the public to look on their phone or somewhere and evaluate this person versus that restaurant. >> reporter: that is where grades come in. >> if you are looking for food at one place with an a and another place with a d that might have some impact on your judgment. >> reporter: and that could happen in santa clara county. the board directed the department to assemble a group. and then report back. >> our goal in the county is to hold restaurants accountable. >> i think we can make this simple and easy and give people the information they need to make informed choices and give the restaurants some incentives to get it done right. >> reporter: the group that will study scoring will be made up of restaurant owner
to change the law to do that and it took some time. he supports that, and then we have to be sure that it won't happen again, as much as we possibly can, and then stay with the victims. but the structures are in place now, the code has been changed. the thing is every time there's a new report, then everything happens yesterday instead of 20 or 30 years ago which is often the case now. >> there's the issue, i think for a lot of american catholics, of the impact that pope francis can have on cultural and political debates in america. gary bower, the evangelical leader in the united states, wrote something for "usa today" this week that caught my attention and i'll share it with our audience. as an evangelical, i was delighted that the last two popes were moral and theological giants, john paul ii and benedict roxvi introduced an er in which the cathric church offers confident rebuttal to the false promises of the secular world. how would you like to see pope francis influence american political debates? we have so many of them, whether it's abortion or gay marriage, how would you l
where marcus was standing >>> the supreme court is set to hear a controversial law of people having to provide proof of citizenship before fraud. proponents say the state is overstepping its bound. >>> final preparations underway for a mass at the vatican where pope francis will be official cly installed as the leader of the catholic church. >>> troubled actress, lindsay lohan, is set to go on trial in l.a. accused of lying to police at the scene of a car crash last june. lohan reportedly claimed to be a passenger in the car when she was actually the driver. she is facing jail time if convicted and she is pleading not guilty. >>> there may be another billionaire eyeing michael bloomberg's mayor seat in new york city. it is an interview. an interview sunday. quitter co-founder, jack dorsey, says he wants to be mayor of new york city one day. dorsey telling 60 minutes he is very serious about have mooing to the big apple someday and running for mayor. the web developer is known for his mobile payment start-up square. he is ranked number 392 on forbes 400 wealthiest list. america's lis
way to secure a match is actually against the law, and the clock is ticking all the while. that was the dilemma confronting doreen flynn. what she did next could forever change transplant medicine. her family's story touches on so many of the ethical and financial dilemmas in health care right now that tonight we revisit dr. nancy snyderman's report on one mother's fight. >> reporter: just outside portland, maine, in the small town of lewiston, family and friends have gathered for a benefit in honor of 14-year-old jordan flynn, who has just learned she will need a bone marrow transplant. >> mm-mmm, i hate being sick. >> reporter: jordan has a disease called fanconi anemia, a genetic disorder that destroys bone marrow and increases her risk of cancer. >> the transplant scares me, because i've known people that have actually passed away afterwards. >> reporter: last april, her condition took a turn for the worst. she was in bone marrow failure, her blood counts dropping. you must have thought the weight of the world was on your shoulders. >> yep. today's one of those days. >
have cut the deficit by nearly $5 trillion by repealing president obama's health care law and making changes to those under 54. the one budget we have now to see from the president. the white house says it won't be ready until april 8th, about two months late, richard. >> danielle leigh watching those budget proposals. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >>> turning now to a bizarre and gruesome story. new york's so-called cannibal on cop is facing life in prison after his conviction for conspiracy to kidnap, cook and eat women. the jury decided that gilberto valle was not just fantasizing when he talked online about abducteding and eating women. prosecutors said that valle looked up recipes for chloroform and identified actual women to target, proving the plot was real. his lawyer said that valle was being prosecuted for his thoughts, not actions. he'll be sentenced in june. >>> nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer joins us now. halfway through the week. looking forward to the weekend. >> halfway almost through march, too. >> spring. >> i know, spring starts next week. a lot of par
the return to the apostolic mission. >>> and in "the washington post," nra money helped reshape gun law. three decades changing perception of the second amendment. >>> and now to a little bit of pope trivia. wednesday cardinal jorge mario bergoglio assumed the new role and new name pope francis. which makes us wonder why do popes take on new names? apparently, the first pope to do so was named mercuius had to change because of its pagan roots. so he chose john ii. what are the most common names. john has been used 23 times. benedict and gregory are tied at number two, both used 16 times. the most recent being pope benedict xvi. a few notable selections that have not been repeated, pope linus spelled like the peanuts character and pope lando. all humor aside it was a historic day. let's take one more look at the sights and sounds from the last 24 hours. ♪ [ speaking foreign language ] habemus papam. [ speaking foreign language ] [ bells chiming ] >> what an emotional 24 hours. here's a look now at what's coming up later on the "today" show. matt goes one on one with the tsa administrat
is, in fact, a suspect in those shootings. the second victim is in serious condition. >>> law enforcement agencies are out in force trying to keep drunk drivers off the record. nbc bay area monty francis has that story. >> reporter: you can expect a number of dui checkpoints across the bay area, including two here in san jose. the reality is, today for many people is a day devoted to drinking. in fact, just about an hour ago, we stopped by rosey mccann's at santana road where people were enjoying st. patrick's day with friends, drinking a lot of green beer and taking shots of whiskey. south bay police department, santa clara county sheriff's department and the highway patrol are on high alert, making sure those folks and others like them don't get behind the wheel. a few of the people out celebrating tonight told us along with the fun comes an obligation to be responsible. >> definitely call a taxi, get a friend to drive you home. call your mom, whatever you need to do to be safe. >> for the most part i think so. like everyone is pretty much trying to be smart. they don't want
. today the u.s. supreme court is head to hear arguments over arizona's controversial law requiring residents approve citizenship before registering to vote in national elections. >>> lindsay lohan is scheduled to appear in an l.a. courtroom to begin trial. the actress pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanors stemming from a car accident on a california highway last june. she's accused of lying to police at the scene, claiming to be a passenger in the car when she was actually a rooifr. >>> and happy birthday to maroon 5 front man and coach of "the voice," adam levine. he turns 34 today. >>> a look at the groundbreaking role social media played in the conviction of two defendants in the steubenville rape case and actor nicholas cage talks about getting prehistoric in his new movie. keep it on this channel for continuing news, weather and sports. i'm lisp ard i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thank you for watching "early today," just the first stop of the day on your nbc station. have a great start to the week. >>> a family and community is in mourning after a crash at a speed
against former president george w. bush alleging the war violated international law. >>> a tragic military accident near reno, nevada, an explosion during a training exercise has killed seven marines and injured several more. military officials say a mortar exploded as it was being set off during a live fire training exercise at the hawthorne army depot. last night's tragic accident has prompted a worldwide moratorium on the specific weapon until it's been determined that weapon is safe enough to continue using. >>> bitter disappointment for dianne feinstein, her bill which creates a national ban on assault weapons was removed from the gun control legislation set to go before the full senate next month. senate majority leader harry reid told feinstein the ban will be offered as an amendment. experts say it had little chance of passage. feinstein awe co-authored the ban that expired after ten years. >>> there were gasps in ohio courtroom as a confessed high school shooter insulted his victims' families by flashing them his middle finger. he also removed his button-down prison overshirt to r
the governor signed a bill into law this month giving individual school boards the power to train and arm teachers and staff members. lawmakers in 27 states have pushed for bills allowing staff members to be armed on campus. 22 bills are still pending, including one here in california. gina teaches at an academy. >> there's guns all of the time. >> despite that, armed teachers on campus is a bad idea. >> kids are very resourceful and they could find their own ways in. >> i think people should be free to make their own decision. >> actually, to have this conversation. >> a conversation he believes is too risky not to have. they're completely wiped out and a lot of people who were buying those guns are buying guns for the first time. >> okay, stephanie, thank you. an interesting debate in our schools. he was on the verge of getting his finger amputated. but then got a second opinion. that changed his life. he severed his finger in a freak accident last july. a doctor at the er told him they'd have to amputate. instead, he quickly went to the bunky clinic in san francisco where surgeons ther
for domestic use. various law enforcement agencies, including alameda county sheriff's office have floated the idea of using drones for community surveillance. the unmanned aircraft are already being used by businesses and agriculture. but critics have raised concerns about privacy. drones took the spotlight a few weeks ago during kentucky senator rand paul's 13-hour filibuster on the senate floor when he discussed the possibility of drone strikes against u.s. citizens. >>> a big day for tech company making its debut in new york city. model n based in redwood city and makes revenue management software for life sciences and technology companies. the company's ceo in new york for that bell ringing. officially did the honors. that is on the new york stock exchange. shares popped right out of the gate. the stock price is up by close to 35%, trades on the market today. the company's share started a dollar more than what was expected by the experts. >>> american airlines defending its plan to give its outgoing ceo almost $20 million in severance pay. american airlines ceo is being replaced by th
president for allegedly violating international and domestic law by going to war in the first place. >>> in the meantime, the president is getting ready to head to the middle east. tonight, president obama will get on air force one and fly to israel for his first foreign trip of his second term. the president will meet with members of the new israeli government, palestinian leadership and the king of jordan on this trip. prior to leaving the white house, president obama will meet with the leaders of northern ireland. >>> there's more to be cleaned up, more than crews first expected after a bridge demolition down in texas last night. that's called rocking the house. crowds cheering, watching the lakeside park, not knowing that that blast to tear down the lake marble bridge that was no longer used. it also destroyed a verizon fiber optic cable, killing their cell phone, internet and tv stations. it went to black in bridge debris. the good news, it will be cleaned up today. restoring the fiber optic line will take a little bit longer. >> what? >> yeah. it's called pulling the plug. >>
in san jose behind a proposed new law. rules and open government committee discussing an ordinance today that would ban riding bicycles on sidewalks in those downtown areas. the ordinance is still in the preliminary phase. today's hearing starts at 2:00 this afternoon at city hall. >> you can say meet me at the corner of debartolo and walsh, the new 49ers stadium. >> i like the sound of it. two streets bordering the stadium called bill walsh drive and debartolo way. >> the 49ers wanted to honor debartolo and bill walsh, one of the most storied coaches in the history of football. this is a great way to celebrate the 49ers history as they do move into the new assistanta clara stadium. >> high praise and high honor. also planning to install a hall of fame at the brand new stadium, honoring the history and the fine football legacy of the team and its players. >> it is really coming together out there. >> absolutely. maybe it's time, 2014, to win another ooh super bowl. put it out there. >> there you go. might as well do it. >>> 4:40 right now. record-breaking end to the idit iditarod overnig
was there was violations of the law. >> he is the executive director of the alliance, and a former high-ranking executive in the faa, the document accuses them of improperly using documents. >> one of the red flags is why nobody is really asking questions about this. >> reporter: specifically, the audit accuses the city of san jose of unlawfully diverting money and grants into the general fund. >> what it means is taxpayer money was taken and was not used for the intention that it was supposed to be used for. >> the faa accused the city of san jose of illegally diverting funds, that is a serious accusation. agree? >> well, of course the terms are serious. >> reporter: the city manager responded to an audit of accusing the city of charging the airport $11.5 million in unnecessary rental costs, for these 52 acres of city-owned land west of the airport, also accusing the city of overcharging the city for basic services. the faa auditorss called it unethical. >> reporter: they charged for services. >> the faa pointed out something that we felt we should take a good look at, so we did that. >> reporter: the a
what caused that plane to crash. >>> happening now on this st. patrick's day. law enforcement agencies across the bay area are out in force, trying to keep drunk drivers off the road. in the south bay, the crackdown includes special roving patrols. nbc bay area's monte francis spent part of the evening with the chp on one of the patrols. he is live in san jose with the story. monte? >> reporter: terry, good evening. the reality is for many people today is a day devoted to drinking, and the highway patrol officers we spent some time with tonight say this is an active weekend for dui in the south bay. chp officers brandyn thompson and pierce visare on the look o >> anything out of the order, erratic braking, swerving in a lane, making erratic lane changes. anything that doesn't look normal. >> reporter: an expired registration gives them the chance to check for signs of dui. >> may i have your license, your registration and insurance please? >> yeah. shirks doing about 77. so max speed on this way was 65 miles per hour. >> reporter: a speeding car leads to another stop and another sobrie
exactly what was given to the chinese and whether any u.s. export laws were broken in the process. >>> when the senate considers gun control measures next month senator dianne feinstein's ban on assault weapons will not be part of the weapon. harry reid notified her the ban will be offered as an amendment. this comes days after feinstein's emotional exchange before a senate committee hearing. feinstein coauthored the 1994 assault weapons ban that expired after a decade. interest in renewing it rose. >>> an exercise takes a tragic turn. seven marines dead and seven more injured after a mortar explosion. >> it happened at the hawthorn army depot about two hours south of reno. officials say the mortar exploded inside the mortar two killing seven marines and injuring seven others. the marines have issued an indefinite moreatorium. >> it is a tragedy and the president was believed and made aware of it immediately. we are monitoring the situation. >> reporter: it is used for military training as well as storage and disposal of ammunition. >>> as we mentioned today marks the ten year ann
will continue wherever he is. chp drivers were reminding drivers that they along with local law enforcement agencies across the bay area are cracking down on drunk drivers throughout this holiday weekend. >> new details this morning at a deadly crash at a raceway north of sacramento. investigators are still on the scene at marysville raceway park trying to figure out what happened. the announcer said 17-year-old driver chase johnson of petaluma was doing warm-up laps an hour before last night's race when he lost control of the car going around a turn. he was going 90 miles an hour. that car flew into the pit area killing a 68-year-old man and a boy who were apparently part of the pit team. >> it's devastating and you come out to have a good time and fun especially in the pits, but you never know what's going on happen because it's racing. racing can be dangerous. >> the driver was not injured. the race is part of california's sprint car civil war series and was canceled after the crash. it was the opening day of the season. >>> it was a long day for the family of sierra lamar and emotional.
international and domestic law by going to war in iraq. the group witness iraq is now suing the former president for allegedly violating international and domestic law by going to war in the first place. a new gallup poll showing 5 3% of americans call the war a mistake. that's compared to three out of four americans who supported the war when it first started. over the past ten years, since the iraq war started, more than 4,400 americans and 100,000 iraqis have been killed. more than 30,000 americans have been hurt. >>> meantime, president obama is getting ready to head to the middle east. tonight, president obama will get on air force one and fly to israel for his first foreign trip of his second term. the president will meet with members of the new israeli government, palestinian leadership and the king of jordan on this trip. prior to leaving the white house, president obama will meet with the leaders of northern ireland. >>> new this morning, pope francis being formally installed as the leader of the catholic church this morning. overnight, pope francis driving through the crowd at st. pete
broke the law by not reporting the rape of a 16-year-old girl at a party last summer. on sunday, two high school football players were convicted of rape, will serve at least a year in juvenile prison. more on this coming up in a live report. >>> republican in fighting broke out at the annual conservative political action conference. nbc's political director chuck todd has the latest. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, natalie. this morning, the republican party is releasing to the public a brutal internal autopsy of what went wrong in the 2012 election. it is a long list of mistakes, and includes potential ideas for reform. but as you just brought up, the party is trying to rehabilitate its image, solve an identity crisis, and it means feuds are breaking out all over, including one between karl rove and sarah palin. sarah palin stole the show at this weekend's cpac convention, playing more the role of entertainer and standup comedian than a serious politician. >> bloomberg is not around. >> her remarks included a direct shot at karl rove. >> the last thing we need is washington, d
of an external attack. >>> 5:13. the university of california is fighting back against a proposed law that would allow students to earn credit for online courses provided by outside sources. the bill allows students who cannot get into overcrowded classes to take similar courses online from other institutions. the goal is to relieve classroom bottle necks and help students graduate on time. uc argues that timely graduation isn't an issue for them and the school system already has more than 100 of its own online courses. >>> bay area tech company today making its debut on the stock market, model n and makes for technology companies. shares are priced at $15.30rks a dollar more than what experts predicted. the company's ceo is in new york for the bell ringing today on that new york stock exchange. >>> ebay is making big changes to go head to head with amazon. while yahoo! is getting ready to make a big purchase. sima mody is live at headquarters with us. >>> dow jones average gaining three points, closing at 14,455 and s&p 500 facing its longest slump of the year, posting its three-session losing
a fingerprint. san jose police is investigating whether any laws were broken. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >>> also in the south bay, parents at a morgan hill day care want to know why it took so long for staff to report a teacher after she allegedly tried to drug a group of toddlers. dudsens of parents met with administrators at the kiddie academy last night demanding answers about deborah gratz. friday morning, gratz was caught putting sleeping medication into children's drinking cups. but the reason parents are upset, the school did not report the incident to police until monday morning. >> how could they sleep and how could they go through the weekend knowing what's happening and not notifying the parents? the parents -- the kids that were in there could have got tested. but waiting over the weekend until monday would have been just -- >> police say they are also frustrated with the timing of the report because valuable evidence was lost. parents say day care administrators told them they would implement new policies. >>> a court hearing expected for 24-
harry's law really took off this week and no one told me, you two are the biggest stars at the network. but this year, everything you say will be scripted and on prompter. do not deviate from the script. - jack, tracy and i are total pros. - on television, and when it comes to the assisted suicide debate. secret handshake, my baloney. - hazel, i won't be here tomorrow, so...i wanted to give you this. it's the tail i had until i was 16. - well, don't worry about the parade. i'll take care of tracy and jenna like they're my own children. which is a bad example, because i left my kids at a sears in 2004. - oh, i told you about mr. jordan's allergies, right? - yes, kenneth. he's only allergic to allergy medication. - but he loves it. and ms. mulroney's-- - kenneth, let go. this is my rodeo now. well, not literally, of course. the u.s. rodeo association does not lift lifetime bans. - so are you gonna work through st. patrick's day? don't you want to celebrate ireland's great accomplishments, like michael lohan and vomiting into a bagpipe? - wow, lemon, so i take it you will not be wearing g
smartphone. the city proposing a new law that would force cabdrivers to submit coordinates as part of a network. anyone that connects passengers with cabs would have to use the network. the proposal is the response to growing popularity of transportation services that are not run by the city, including uber, lift, and side car. >>> as the strike rolls on, the san francisco symphony is canceling more concerts. part of the ongoing strike between the musicians and management over contract talks. also being canceled, a three-day tour of the east coast, including a performance set for carnegie hall. at this point, there are no plans to reschedule any shows that have been lost since picket lines went up starting last week. if you happened to have purchased tickets for any canceled shows, we're told you can exchange them for an upcoming event or receive a refund. time now for the madness. are you ready? >> i'm mad. >> madness, all together. eight college bbt teams on the way to san jose getting ready to tip off for the big game. >> i'm mad about march madness. >> yes, you are. >> hp pavil
pat end law do you need to know to make a cool device? are you looking at me? >> you're the one devising cool devices, not me. draw me an animal that's never with four legs because that's what you know. >> litigation is one thing, but it has become so hard to differentiate and keep innovating and out-innovating the companies, software and hardware. >> when you give up, who would have thought some of these things would occur. motorola has a very long history. arguably they invented cell phones, and i just visited libertiville in illinois, headquarters there, and i -- i felt like a big macintosh vision. felt so at home. >> a huge compliment. >> queues of engineers geeking out late at night. i was at home. coming home. >> let me ask you about this book. it's a book about self-publishing. >> yes. >> you, too, can make a book. if a book is any good, wouldn't a publisher want to publish it in the first place? >> oh, you're hurting me, man. >> you've got 11 books. >> first of all, "author, publisher, entrepreneur. there are five companies in new york that basically pick the winners and
the documents you have to show the next time you register to vote. the court hears arguments on an arizona law that would require voters to show proof of citizenship before registering. it is meant to keep undocumented immigrants from registering. opponents say it could hurt citizens as well. particularly the elderly and undocumented citizens who may not have a driver's license to prove their citizenship. >> are we going to make it more difficult to vote for citizens or are we going to make it less difficult to vote? >> we want eligible people to vote and make it as easy as possible for el jebl people, consistent with protecting the integrity of the system. four other states have similar requirements and officials say at least a dozen other states including california are considering it. >> we have new details about a wild and daring escape from canadian prison, like something out of james bond. authorities say they have now recaptured two inmates that have broke out by climbing a rope dangling from a helicopter hovering above the prison. they say the two men were outside yesterday afternoon w
and -- >> i'm a new yorker. we were down visiting my in-laws and we've done the florida keys, actually. florida keys retreat every year. i'm having a baby, so i want to go early. >> how far along were you in your pregnancy? >> 27 weeks. we got down to florida, we were planning to stay 10-12 days and three, four days in i started to have complications. and i went to a hospital in miami and they said, you're not going anywhere and another few days i had the baby. >> now the baby is 2 years old and thriving. >> thank god. >> those have been tough years. >> i'm sure. >> the difficult stuff -- a big change. >> and he fit in my hand. he fit right here. >> and when there's a big, big life change like she had, there's some, there are certain things that obviously your world gets turned inside out. it's hard to find any normalcy, isn't it? >> yes. in fact what maggie and her husband, craig, figured out is when you go through a big change like that unexpectedly, you have to become your own advocate and you really look to the routine that gets you through. so how do you put control around somethi
in the bay." >>> faculty leaders speaking out against a state law that would let college students earn credits for courses provided by outside sources. it says it has grave concerns about the first of its kind bill that would let students who can't get into overcrowded classes on campus take similar online courses for credit. the faculty group says the bill will let for-profit corporations privatize public education. >>> new this morning, north korean hackers may have attacked several major broadcasters and banks in south korea, being hit with internet outages this morning. servers for at least three major television networks and banks are affected. spokeswoman for one of the networks says it's believed to be the work of hackers. many are speculating the attack came from north korea, but south korea's internet security agency says it has not found any evidence of an external attack. >>> american airlines is defending its plan to give its outgoing ceo nearly $20 million in severance pay. american airlines ceo is being replaced by the chief executive of us airways as soon as the two comp
are already required to report any transactions to law enforcement that look suspicious. we would expect some pushback from privacy access that the cia will get the same access. >>> investigators linking a san francisco company to the hackers that published those credit reports for michelle obama and other u.s. officials and celebrities. computers from cloud fair were used behind the scene to redirect the visitors to a russian website where the stolen credit reports were being published. those hackers apparently used personal details about their victims to access their report through a free credit report as scott mcgrew has told us. cloud fair says it does not comment on its users. >>> let's talk about the forecast with meteorologist, kris christina lorne. >>> good morning. so close to that weekend now. we're going to hold on to beautiful weather today and tomorrow. 6:58. taking a loof look over san bruno. a little bit of low cloud cover at the surface. you can see that. high and mid-level clouds moving in as well. as we head throughout the day rs 74. inland bay, 69. at the coast, 67. if you
and facebook has been prohibited until now because of a very old law forbidding video companies from revealing what customers rent. that dates back to a supreme court decision. this has now changed. you will be able to see on netflix what movies your friends like, what you like. not yet on facebook yet. we can't give you specific privacy advice about turning it on, turning it off. in the long run, it will be helpful. at least among close friends. >> thank you very much. >>> this is a wild one here. a hole in one that no golfer ever hopes for. a golfer on a golf course in illinois swallowed up by a sink hole. his name? mike mahull. no cinderella story. when he went to check the thing out, the sink hole opened ten feet deep. the staff of the course were finally able to get him out with a ladder and rope. he suffered a dislocated shoulder and several bruises. no shocker here, he says he doesn't think he will be playing that course any time soon. >> i've been known to make some divots in my time, but nothing like that. >> wow! >> take a look at the forecast right now with meteorologist christina l
of the health care law, an overhaul of ped care making it a private insurance plan funded by vouchers and unspecified reforms of the tax code with a goal of creating two brackets -- 10 and 25%. >> to inflate the claims of deficit reduction. >> reporter: hours after the president meets with house republicans he will speak at a dinner for organizing for action, the retooled version of his campaign in a move that's rankling some republicans saying it runs counter to his outreach. despite the rhetoric, lawmakers haven't ruled out the possibility of a grand bargain for deficit reduction. that seems like tough sled eing given how sharply divided both sides remain. matt? >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you very much. >>> we have an important health alert this morning tied to the commonly prescribed antibiotic known as the z-pack. 50 million people take it every year. now the fda warns it may lead to a fatal irregular heart rhythm in some patients. dr. goldberg is a cardiologist from the women's heart program at nyu. dr. goldberg, nice to see you. >> good morning. >> the headline
a little putting. >> and your dad is here, too. >> my father-in-law. grandpa. >> and mom's watching from home. >> yeah. we have another baby due in another week. >> maybe another golfer coming. >> so she can't fly right now. >> does he talk? >> he says golf ball and hi. two words. mama. >> important words. >> well, owen and keith, thanks for being here. what a great story. we will look out for you guys. >> thanks for having us. >> good luck with baby number two. >> thank you. >> yea! a good one, owen. david gregory is back with us now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning again. >> good morning, erica. coming up on the program, we're joined by the archbishop of chicago, george live, from rome. and plus the debate here in washington -- in washington, about the budget. the debt duel. two leading voices, chris van hollen and kevin mccarthy, and wisconsin governor scott walker on the roundtable. >> all right. we're looking fooshd to all of that. david, thanks. >>> that'll do it for us on a sunday morning. happy st. paddy's day. >> and i'll see you on "nbc nightly n
would like to have a little girl. now that the succession laws have changed, so whoever is the first baby, whether it's a boy or a girl, will be the king or queen of england. so it's big stakes here. big stakes. >> i love it, don't you? >> aw. >> you don't care? >> i'm totally into it. no, i'm way into it. >> she got her heel caught in a grate. >> i don't know anyone who is more graceful than kate in getter her heel out of the grate. >> talk to us about "fifty shades of grey" who is going to play the lead role. it's not emma watson. >> it never was emma watson. it's a group called anonymous, they claim they hacked into a master database of movies in germany and in this database they found out that anastasia would be played by emma watson. very strange. but we believed it. >> she would be good. >> it is not her. >> who should play that role? >> i don't know. i think someone very sassy or someone that's a surprise. mila kunis is the obvious choicee, but julianne hough would nail it upside-down. >> it would be a nice girl, a good girl image. it would be really interesting. >> you went t
. we'll tell you why. >>> keeping bikes out on the street. that is the goal in a new proposed law, discussing an ordinance today that would ban riding a bicycle on sidewalks in the downtown area. the ordinance is still in that preliminary stage. today's hearing to keep bikes off sidewalks begins today at 2:00 pm at city hall. >>> another big name could be added to the niners' roster. 36-year-old safety charles woodson will be in santa clara today to talk to the team. woodson was recently released from the green bay packers. could be a pretty good get for the niners, who are expected to lose all pro safety goalson. backup tight end walker and defensive tackle isaac sopolaga signed on with other teams. lot of changes potentially coming there. >>> the corner of walsh and debartolo, you can say meet me there. that will be the new address of the stadium in santa clara. voting last night to call the two streets bordering the stadium bill walsh drive and debartolo way. who wering the history and legacy of the team and its players, hall of fame at the stadiu stadium. >> spectacular weathe
a week before the supreme court is going to hear oral arguments over a 1996 federal law, that law asserts that gay marriage is not legal and it's a measure that portman himself co-sponsored at the time. >> i see the romney/ryan team going all the way to the white house! >> reporter: for the prominent ohio conservative, senator rob portman who was a fixture at one time considered a favorite to become mitt romney's running mate it's a dramatic reversal on gay marriage. >> i've come to the conclusion for me personally i think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married and to have the joy and the stability of marriage that i've had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it, including our son, who is gay. >> reporter: portman has voted against same-sex marriage many times in the past. today mitt romney marches back into the political spotlight, his remarks at an annual conference for conservatives marking romney's first public speech since he exited the stage last fall. since then we've seen rare glimpses of the former republican nominee. >> move on. i
cannot under ohio law threaten to kill someone. >> let me ask you this -- >> we're not going to tolerate it, and we're not going to put up with it. >> the defense attorney for one of these young women said in fact she does not know the victim and did not send the message to her and she says prosecutors have overcharged here because of the scrutiny. your response to that? >> my response is we're sick and tired of the victim being victimized. we have to protect the victim. we're going to take whatever action it takes to protect this young lady. you know, imagine going through a rape and then having to see things on the internet that are totally obnoxious, and now, not only that, now she is threatened and her life is threatened. no one should have to put up with that. >> in fact, you are also convening a grand jury looking into whether there are additional charges against additional individuals that may be appropriate. my question to you is, i know that in ohio it is a felony to fail to report a crime. is that the most serious crime you're looking into or does it go deeper? is it more serio
student loans are growing, passing late credit card payments for the first time and federal law requires schools to collect and sometimes sue. unlike most forms of debt, you can't get out of a student loan, not even by declaring bankruptcy, but with delinquencies rising and budgets shrinking, lenders and colleges are getting more aggressive about collecting, including taking their alumni to court. we found cases filed by yale and the university of pennsylvania which filed some two dozen suits just last year for bad loans and unpaid tuition, a 35% jump from the year before. the university has declined to comment. graff hopes his case starts a dialogue. >> let's talk about why is college so expensive. what is it we're getting to are our money when we put our money into these institutions. >> reporter: it's a conversation colleges are willing to have, but they also want their money. for "today," scott cohn, nbc news, philadelphia. >>> and coming up next, the sports world's new power couple, tiger woods and lindsey vonn, the way they announced their relationship, right after this. when you'r
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